Film and him: female filmmakers show the winners2024
Best Picture: Song of the deep
Directed by Lily Watson
The film has won critical acclaim from both the judges and the audience for its unique visual style and profound themes. By telling a story about marine protection, the film calls on people to pay attention to environmental issues and cherish the Earth's resources.
Best Director: Lily Watson
Song of the deep sea
Lily Watson's "Song of the Deep Sea" is a deeply moving work of his own. Her skillful use of camera language, the audience into a world full of fantasy and moving.
Best Screenplay by a Kate Green
Echo of love
The Kate Green script "Echoes of Love" won over the judges with its sincere emotion and delicate brushwork. By telling a story about family and love, she makes people deeply realize the power of family.
Telling Maria 2: Olivia Coleman
The Silent Scream
Olivia Coleman won Telling Maria 2 for her performance in the Silent Scream. Through her superb acting skills, the inner world of the role to show incisively and vividly, moving.
Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress: Elizabeth Debicki
Lost Memory
Elizabeth Debicki's performance in lost memories is impressive. With her superb acting skills, she succeeded in creating a complex and layered character.
Best Art Direction: Susan HMS Roberts
The Middle Ages
Susan HMS Roberts won the award for Best Artistic Direction for his work in dream of the Middle Ages. She skillfully uses color and layout to create a film full of fantasy and romantic atmosphere.
The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature: The Keeper of the Enchanted Forest
Directed by Emily Young
The animated feature won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Award for its beautiful graphics and moving story. It tells the story of a group of guardians in order to protect the magical forest and adventure story, full of fantasy and adventure elements.
Special Contribution Award: Maria Gudeman
Maria Gudeman is a veteran female filmmaker who has been promoting female filmmaking and nurturing female film talent. Her outstanding contribution was recognized by the judges and received a special contribution award.