Film and him: female filmmakers show the winners2023
Best Director: Lina Dunham
With Certain Women, Lina Dunham won rave reviews from the judges for her superb directorial skills and profound thematic exploration. She focuses on women and tells three independent and interwoven stories, showing the multiple roles and complex emotions of women in modern society.
Best Screenplay: Sofia Coppola, Sofia Coppola
The Sofia Coppola won best screenplay for The Lost Princess. Her script is delicate and deep, exploring themes of power, Love and freedom through the saga of a princess. Coppola's talent fills the story with life and emotional resonance.
Academy Award for Best Cinematography by Émi Vincent
Émi Vincent Got Academy Award for Best Cinematography for his cinematography in Silent Night. She uses a unique visual language and light processing, the film will show the emotions and atmosphere incisively and vividly. Vincent's work is not only breathtaking, but also profoundly revealing.
Best original music by Olivia Mercier
Olivia Mercer won the award for original music from her film Dance of the Stars. Her music is poetic and powerful, and perfectly blends with the film's visual effects and storyline. Mercer's music for the audience to bring an immersive experience, so that people can enjoy the film, but also feel the charm of music.
Best Actress: Elsa González
Elsa González won Best Actress for her performance in Light of the Dawn. She plays a role of depth and complexity, she showed great emotional control in the performance and superb acting. With her talent and charm, González managed to bring the character to life, winning praise from both the audience and the judges.